NE53515LOGO.jpgThe Sarasota HubSpot User Group (HUG) is for HubSpot users, customers, fans, and skeptics to connect and learn about inbound marketing best practices and the HubSpot's software. To learn more about HubSpot click here. The Sarasota HUG is led by Nextiny Marketing and has free quarterly meetups that anyone is welcome to attend.

What to expect at a HUG meetup:

  • Networking with other inbound marketing professionals in the area
  • Educational presentations discussing HubSpot & inbound marketing topics
  • Q&A and group discussions

Have questions?
Feel free to read our blog and contact us at: 

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"Education is the key to success. I believe that if we all educate each other, we can change the world together.

Gabriel Marguglio of Nextiny Marketing Sarasota HUG Leader

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Gabriel Marguglio Nextiny Marketing HubSpot Sarasota Florida